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This week has been rather eventful! I sat for my boards yesterday - don't know if I passed or not until tomorrow morning, they make you wait 48 excruciating hours even for "unofficial" results. Also yesterday, we countered on the counter offer on a house we made an offer on last week (follow that?) - and the lady agreed! Now we're awaiting approval from her bank, since our offer technically makes this a short sale. Our Realtor said it's by such a small amount that it should just be a technicality, so I think we may be about to buy a house! It's over in St. Petersburg, in an old historic neighborhood, and walking distance from downtown, the Bay, and a lake with a park. We'll be able to walk to several restaurants and bars, shopping, a movie theater, at least one non-Starbucks coffee shop, and we'll only be a mile and a half or so from the baseball stadium. Even though it's near downtown, it still has a decent sized back yard. We're going to finish fencing it in for when we get a dog and/or have kids, and there's room to enlarge the back deck so you can really use it. There's an open air porch by the front door, another small one off the back door, and a third porch off the master bedroom upstairs. It has three bedrooms total and two and a half baths. The downstairs has a pretty open floor plan. It's mostly a large living/dining area, but it kind of makes an "L" shape into the brand new kitchen. Basically, we like the house itself a lot - but we know we're going to love the location.

The only big negative is that we both work in Tampa, but we never seriously considered living on this side of the Bay. Tampa is full of strip malls and chain restaurants, and the downtown is virtually empty after 5 pm. St. Pete is full of independent establishments, and downtown has a wide variety of things to do on all days and at all hours. We won't be far from an interstate on-ramp, and it has exits right at both of our workplaces.

We're excited, but I don't think it will really seem real until we sign the paperwork (and hand over that really BIG check). There's still a chance, especially with all the screwy things going on with mortgages these days, that either her bank will say no or our lender will be suddenly out of the mortgage business. Or I suppose I could find out tomorrow that I failed my boards, and then we'd have to be the ones to back out, since we won't be able to make the payments if I'm not making RN pay! I guess I'm not that worried about my boards though, no one in my class has failed yet (and no one from the last two classes failed either), and I had better grades/test scores than anyone else.

I also have to start work on Monday. It's a whole week of general hospital orientation (proper lifting, sexual harassment policy, benefits, rules and regs), and then I have two weeks of an EKG class. It'll be almost November before I actually get to start nursing, but they'll be paying me from Monday on so I don't really care what they make me do. I'm actually excited about the classes - school pretty much prepares you to be a generalist, so since I chose a specialty I know I have a lot more learning to do. After the first three weeks, I'll just be doing 24 hours/week of actual nursing. The other 16 will be classroom for the next four months. Then I have to actually be on my own, which I'm sure will be frightening, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Oh yeah, and I have to make time for playoff baseball! I'm actually still bitter, since my Twins had to suffer such a late elimination, but I'm trying to be happy for the Rays. At least it wasn't them who knocked us out (although if we could have won one more game here a few weeks ago...). Anyways, we have tickets to all the home DCS games, and I'm sure we'll finagle some for the later rounds too if they keep progressing. Being married to Forrest Gump does have some benefits!


Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
Nope, we'll be a little further south, closer to downtown St. Pete. The neighborhood is called the Old Northeast, although we'll be kind of on the outskirts of it. I guess the seller signed the papers, so they're getting faxed to us in the morning!


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