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maura37's Journal

Maura White
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I'm currently a critical care RN in Tampa, FL after graduating with my second bachelor's degree in August 2008. I was a bartender in New Orleans up to and just after that bitch we called Katrina, who flooded my nursing school and sent my husband's company packing to sunny Florida. I miss New Orleans every single day, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get back there any time soon. We've been in Florida almost three years now, and it has it's upsides - it's just not home. I like my job so far, and it's nice to have an actual career where I learn something every day. The money isn't bad (although it's a big pay cut from the Pub), and there's actually the chance to move up through the ranks and to further my education after a few years of experience. I'm trying to get used to the fact that we'll be stuck here for the foreseeable future!