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Second share so far

I picked up my second share from Sweetwater last Thursday.  It was heavy on the greens again - I got a repeat of mustard greens and arugula, plus three other kinds of lettuce. Two resembled and tasted like romaine (they were called "Arizona" and "Nevada" - maybe where the seeds were from?), while the other is more like a butter lettuce (and I couldn't remember what they called it by the time I got home). I also got two jalapenos, some fresh thyme, more yellow squash and radishes, turnips, a head of radicchio, escarole, another cucumber, and a bunch of scallions.

Thursday I made some more stuffed pork chops, this time using a modified foodnetwork.com recipe that called for stuffing them with shiitakes and macadamia nuts: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-live/shiitake-macadamia-nut-stuffed-pork-chops-recipe/index.html. I served it with the mustard greens, which I cooked just like I did the kale last week, and I made turnips for the first time in my life. The mustard greens were great - I'm convinced that that recipe will work for just about any bitter green. The turnips I peeled, then sauteed in olive oil with garlic, salt, and red pepper. I thought about doing them with a horseradish cream, and that's probably what I should have done. Instead I just splashed in some chicken stock and nutmeg, which wasn't enough to give the relatively bland vegetable a lot of flavor. I even threw in some bacon, it still didn't quite get me where I wanted to go. They were fine, they just don't taste like much on their own.

Friday and Saturday we weren't at home - we had a free night courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays over at Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach, so we braved the cold and got (all of 45 minutes) away for a couple of nights. We drove back Sunday, and I wasn't really in the mood to make anything big. I've also been trying all week to make room in the fridge and freezer for Thanksgiving leftovers, and I've been avoiding poultry. As a result, we had sausage and apples for dinner Sunday. I fixed a relatively ordinary salad to go with them, and then broiled the radicchio. Following my veggie cookbook's instructions, I first marinated the radicchio quarters in a garlic/rosemary infused olive oil (just while the sausage was cooking), then put them on a hot broiler pan for about 5 minutes. The recipe called for grilling them, but I'm not about to light the grill to cook lettuce. I then deviated from my recipe and added some lemon juice to my leftover marinating oil - that's what I wouldn't do again. Apparently radicchio is still on the bitter side even after you cook it, so I should have added honey or sugar instead of something sour. Again, it was still just fine, it just didn't need the lemon thrown in there.

I didn't really cook last night, since I worked a 12, but I only had a short class day today. I'm getting ready to do another anti-turkey (and easy) dinner of spaghetti carbonara, with a butter lettuce and arugula salad and some radishes cooked the same way we had them last week. I'm also roasting some of the veggies from my drawer that I don't think we'll eat in the next few days: half a red onion, half an eggplant, 2 yellow squashes, a zucchini, a jalapeno, a green bell pepper, and a habanero. There's a roasted veggie soup that I absolutely love, and I'll just scoop out the meat from all these and freeze them. I'll toss it in with some other components next week when we're sick of turkey, and this way I won't be wasting food. So far the only thing I wasted were the mustard greens from my first pickup. We ate everything else, just didn't get to them until they'd wilted so badly they weren't really appetizing anymore. I'm trying to avoid letting that happen again!


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