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My last post was rather heartfelt...

I guess that's what happens when you're sitting at a bar, trying to watch an innocuous game of football, and NBC keeps breaking in with clips from St. Paul. You come home after a few more and McCain is still blaring at you from every channel. Monte went to bed, so I stirred up another one and had the bright idea to try a little experiment. What was I testing? Whether I could watch both McCain's and Palin's speeches online, back to back, without throwing up in my mouth. Turned out to be beyond my capabilities, and I wound up just reading the transcript of Palin's speech. That didn't help much, but at least I didn't have to listen to people cheer for her - how can you get that many idiots together in one hockey arena? And how moronic does McCain think female Hillary supporters are? If I had been one, and I had been on the fence about whether to vote for Obama, selecting Palin for a running mate would have sent me screaming into Barack's camp. The level of condescension involved is hilarious. She's not just anti-choice, she supports strong criminal penalties for women who choose to have even a first-trimester abortion after being raped by a family member. She doesn't believe in teaching children about birth control (or any other "explicit" sex ed) - and we can all see how well that worked out for her own daughter. She wants special bonus points for "choosing" to not abort her Down's syndrome baby, but wants to take that choice away from everyone else (her daughter included). She's Jesse Helms-conservative: a creationist, an NRA member, pro-earmark, anti-tax, she opposes not only gay rights but hate crime legislation, and she sounds frighteningly similar to W when she talks like she has personal conversations with her God. She supports adding "ethics" and "morality" to public school curriculum while she is currently under an ethics investigation into whether she tried to use her influence to get her ex-brother in law fired. She's even a book burner (well, banner at least)! What a gal.






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